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Frequently Asked Questions

We focus on empowering people – from our clients to our staff. Building relationships that stand the test of time (after all, a project lasts a long time!) is critical to us. Our in-house technical experts and our project flexibility and creativity are two additional factors that we’re proud of.

We’ve been told by many that our diversity of mitigation alternatives, ability to create cost-effective options, and technical in-house expertise provide solutions that no other providers can offer. In addition, because of our solid network of relationship over time, our ability to work through diverse scenarios and create solutions separates us from others.

We work with a diversity of private and public sector customers across a wide spectrum of industries. There is no one-box-fits-all when it comes to customers. In fact, the diversity of our customers is part of what has helped us become so creative with our solutions. Our understanding of the permit and impact side of the equation allows us to help multiple sectors navigate the complex regulatory and mitigation arenas.

The short answer is no. We have developed or are developing multiple projects throughout the United States and our regional footprint continues to expand. Our team has the technical wherewithal and experience to develop and implement ecological restoration projects throughout the country.

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