Great Pee Dee Mitigation Bank


South Carolina


HUC 03040201; HUC 03040202; HUC 03040204; HUC 03040203/Pee Dee

The Great Pee Dee Mitigation Bank is a 1,093.86-acre bank located in the Dillon and Marion Counties, South Carolina.The mitigation plan consists of enhancements, restorations and preservations to streams and wetlands associated with the Great Pee Dee River, Mill Creek and Poccosin Swamp.

Overall, the  project will protect approximately 38,450 linear feet and 1,019.7 acres of jurisdictional wetlands. The bank will also protect approximately 56.42 acres of non-jurisdictional lands that contribute to the ecological functioning of the jurisdictional aquatic resources within the bank.

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During Construction

Service Area(s):
Middle Pee Dee HUC 03040201 (primary)
Lynches HUC 03040202 (Secondary)
Little Pee Dee HUC 03040204 (Secondary)
Lumber River HUC 03040203 (Secondary)


Available Credit Type(s):
Stream & Wetland

Linear Feet of Stream:

Acres of Wetland:

Project Goals

Preserve existing functional stream channels and increase the hydraulic and geomorphological functionality of Mill Creek

Increase hydrological functionality through the removal of manmade impediments including a piped road crossing and a diversion ditch

Establish more natural hydroperiods, hydrodynamics, and vegetative communities in wetland enhancement areas

Preserve existing forested wetlands that provide filtration of floodwaters and habitat corridors within the floodplain of the Great Pee Dee River.

Improve connectivity and naturalize hydraulics for biocomplexity.

Enhance aquatic resource buffers and provide protected habitat corridors by

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