Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate and professional (and fun!) world-class geomorphologists, hydrologists, ecologists, engineers, land professionals, and business leaders. With unparalleled experience in the mitigation and ecological restoration industry, we have the expertise to ensure our projects exceed your expectations.

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Tommy Cousins

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Kayne Van Stell, CERP

VP of Ecosystem Design
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Nate Ober, PG

VP Mitigation Services - PA/WV/MD
josh white 1

Josh White, PG, PE, CFM, CPESC

VP Mitigation Services - OH/KY
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Chris Carter

VP Mitigation Services - SC
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Daniel Ingram

General Manager - NC/TN/VA
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Tory Grayson, PWS

General Manager - SC/GA
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Ryan Owings, PE

General Manager - TX
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Matt Butler, PMP

Senior Project Manager
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James Coffin

CAD Analyst
Conder Final sq

Cara Conder

Senior Project Manager
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Ann Clark Coyle

Environmental Scientist
JCurrey 2x2Image

Joshua Currey

Land Consultant
MarlaDenicola sq

Marla Denicola

Project Manager
Leah Farr

Leah Farr

Field Ecologist
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Matt Fisher

Business Development Director
RianeFisher retouch

Riane Fisher

Sales Administrator
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Jordan Hessler

Restoration Designer
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Jason Hightower

GIS Analyst
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Laurie Holt

Office Manager
Reid Hotelling

Reid Hotelling

Field Ecologist
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Glen Kilgore

Project Manager
Aaron Lesko

Aaron Lesko

Senior CAD Designer
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Maxwell Linder

Environmental Scientist
joyce marzano profile

Joyce Marzano

Project Manager
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Kyle Obermiller

Senior Ecologist
Mike Oldaker retouch resize

Mike Oldaker

Senior CAD Designer
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Kim Paulsen

Assistant Controller
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Bob Perry

Senior Mitigation Strategist
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Jon Raeder

Land Manager
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Rocky Rockwell

Water Resource Specialist
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Catherine Roland

Project Manager
Chris 0301A

Chris Santelle

conner smith 2

Conner Smith, PE

Project Engineer
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Amber Snavley

Senior Project Manager
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Robert Stewart, PHD, PE

Senior Project Engineer
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Chris Tomsic, PE, CFM

Senior Project Engineer
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Scott West

Land Manager

Our Results

Frequently Asked Questions

What expertise does the WLS team have?

The restoration industry is unique in its level of diversity and skill sets required to implement successful projects. The WLS team represents the top echelon of multidisciplinary experts in our industry. Our expertise, varied backgrounds, educational experiences, geographical range, and understanding of project success is unparalleled. We have in-house scientists, financial experts, engineers, monitoring and maintenance experts, biologists, geomorphologists, geologists…literally specialists from all aspects of the industry reside in-house at WLS.

What makes you different from other mitigation providers?

Our passion is to empower people while transforming and restoring the environment. We know that environmental restoration doesn't have to be a zero-sum game, and that everyone can win. We've seen it happen. Our team includes some of our industry's most respected specialists in the United States. We love taking on challenging projects because they allow us to bring all our skills and expertise to the table.

Is your mitigation experience limited to certain regions, projects, or credit types?

We have either operated, or have people who have worked in, every market where mitigation exists. Currently, we do not have projects in all 50 states, but our restoration footprint continues to expand. We have the ability and experience to successfully develop and implement all types of restoration projects throughout the country.