Beidler Forest Spring Branch Mitigation Bank


South Carolina


03050205, 03050206, 03050203, 03050204

The Beidler Forest Mitigation Bank (BFMB) is located in Dorchester County on a portion of the 18,000-acre Audubon Frances Beidler Forest preserve. The mitigation bank, approved in August of 2019, aims to restore the forested wetlands to a diverse vegetative wetland system.

Uniquely positioned within the Four Holes Swamp Watershed, the BFMB provides compensatory mitigation to offset impacts from development along the I-26 and I-95 corridors. Discontinuing silviculture activities the on-site wetlands systems will begin the process of succession to a natural, undisturbed state. Replanting native hardwoods expedites vegetative succession within these ecosystems.


During Construction

Service Area(s):
Four Holes Swamp HUC 03050205 (primary)
Edisto River HUC 03050206 (Secondary)
North Fork Edisto HUC 03050203 (Secondary)
South Fork Edisto HUC 03050204 (Secondary)


Available Credit Type(s):

Acres of Wetland:

Wetland Enhancement/Restoration: 78 acres of forested wetlands previously impacted by historic and ongoing silviculture activities will be removed from silviculture management and restored to a diverse wetland system dominated by native hardwoods protected in perpetuity.

Wetland Preservation: 95 acres of wetlands that remain in an essentially natural state will be preserved in perpetuity.

Stream Preservation: 4,660 LF of Perennial Streams will be preserved in perpetuity.

Upland Buffer: 52 acres (95.16 acres of restoration and 26.36 acres of preservation) of upland buffer will be established and protected in perpetuity.

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