Dieckbrader Mitigation Bank




HUC 05090202/Little Miami

The Dieckbrader MB is a low-head dam removal project located near Fayetteville, Ohio, roughly 30 miles east of Cincinnati. The project will remove the existing dam that was constructed in 1942, which involves draining the existing pond, and will restore the old channel stream that predated dam construction. The project is located on the site owned by the Dieckbrader Trust.

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During Construction

Primary Service Area:
Little Miami HUC 8


Easement Acres:

Linear Feet of Stream:
approx. 6,400

Project Goals


  • Improving lotic habitat through the establishment of floodplain wetlands as a result of stream restoration and dam removal, will allow for nutrient uptake of agricultural runoff from surrounding farms within the watershed
  • Protective buffers will be established to protect aquatic and wildlife habitat functions for at least a 100-foot width (50-feet each side) around the Project area
  • Dam removal reduces the public safety threat of flooding occurring within the immediate vicinity 
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