Saluda Mitigation Bank


South Carolina


HUC 03050109/ Saluda Watershed


Water & Land Solutions, LLC (WLS), formally Palustrine Group, is developing and managing a private stream and wetland mitigation bank on a 3,446-acre tract of land owned by Johnson Management and located near Cross Hill, SC. The Saluda Mitigation Bank (SMB) conservation easement encompasses 422 acres located in the Saluda watershed and includes 75,879 linear feet of stream channels and 4.38 acres of wetlands. WLS is responsible for complete development of the mitigation bank from concept to final credit release. This includes initial evaluation of credit generation, financial proforma development, prospectus, IRT coordination, draft MBI development, responding to all IRT comments and questions, and the final mitigation plan (FMP).

WLS is also responsible for management of bank construction costs, implementation, as-built report, years 1-5 monitoring reports, all credit releases, credit ledger management, credit usage documentation, and bank RIBITS information.

Saluda Pre Construction 2 min

During Construction

Service Area:
Saluda Watershed HUC 03050109

South Carolina

Laurens and Newberry Counties

Available Credit Type(s):
Stream and Wetland

Linear Feet of Stream:

Acres of Wetlands:

Project Goals

The goal of the proposed Bank is to provide compensatory mitigation credits to offset authorized impacts associated with permits obtained through Section 401 and 404 of the Clean Water Act, and Section 10 of the Rivers and Harbors Act of 1899. Credits generated from the Bank will be used to offset authorized impacts within the Bank’s proposed primary service area. The Bank’s primary service area is proposed for the entirety of HUC 03050109 that falls within the Piedmont Ecoregion.

Overarching goals and objectives of the Bank include:

  1. Reducing stressors to water quality,
  2. Providing/enhancing flood attenuation,
  3. Restoring and enhancing aquatic, semi-aquatic and riparian habitat,
  4. Restoring and enhancing habitat connectivity with adjacent natural habitats
Saluda Pre Construction 3 min
Saluda Pre Construction 4 min

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