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North Carolina



WLS completed this project for the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Mitigation Services as a full-delivery mitigation project for stream and wetland mitigation. Situated in the Dan River headwaters in the Northern Inner Piedmont of the Roanoke River Basin, where the land uses are primarily agriculture, this area was classified by the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission as a priority area for conservation measures.

Banner Branch involved the restoration, enhancement, and preservation of 14 stream reaches along with adjacent riparian buffers and wetlands and complies with the restoration goals outlined in the Roanoke River Basin Water Quality Plan and the Dan River Watershed Restoration Plan. Through restoration of streams, wetlands and re-connection of floodplains, Banner Branch provides significant ecological improvements and functional uplift to the Roanoke River Basin.

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During Construction

Primary Service Area:
Roanoke 03


Easement Acres:

Linear Feet of Stream:

Acres of Wetland Restoration:

Trees Planted:

Project Goals

  • Reduction of fine sediment, turbidity, and nutrient inputs as fecal coliform, nitrogen, and phosphorus to the Banner Branch Watershed.
  • Restoration, enhancement, and preservation of headwater streams, wetlands, and riparian buffers.
  • Promotion of agronomic farm management techniques and implementation of agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs) as livestock exclusion fencing and alternative watering structures.
  • Farmland protection planning and education/outreach.
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