Salem Mitigation Bank


North Carolina


HUC 03020201


Salem Mitigation Bank, located in the Neuse 01 watershed (HUC 03020201), recently received nutrient credit releases from North Carolina Department of Water Resources. The projects provides nitrogen offset credits in accordance with the North Carolina’s Nutrient Offset and Consolidated Buffer Mitigation Rule.

Salem mitigation site promote agronomic farm management techniques and implementation of agricultural best management practices through nutrient management, achieving sediment, turbidity, and nutrient reduction to the Neuse River watershed.

During Construction 4 scaled

During Construction

Primary Service Area:
Neuse 01


Project Goals

  • To establish, restore and preserve riparian vegetation adjacent to streams and agricultural ditches with the intent to improve water quality along unnamed tributaries to the Neuse River within the Neuse River Basin.
  • To convert agricultural land uses within riparian areas adjacent to streams and agricultural ditches into a dense and diverse hardwood vegetated state with the intent to significantly reduce nutrient loadings associated with agricultural practices into streams and ditches.

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