Hornpipe Branch Tributaries Pay for Performance Project


North Carolina



Located in the Neuse River Basin, the Hornpipe Branch Tributaries Project is a North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Mitigation Services full-delivery stream mitigation project. Situated in the North Carolina Coastal Plain Physiographic Province within the Neuse 02 HUC 8 Watershed, land use is comprised of agriculture, forest, and low-density residential use. Listed by the NCDEQ as a Class C and Nutrient Sensitive Water, Hornpipe Branch watershed restoration priorities included stream buffer, unstable stream banks, and agricultural runoff.

Through WLS’s development of specific goals and objectives to provide in-lieu fee compensatory mitigation credits to DMS based on existing conditions, functional capacity, and restoration potential, we reconnected historic flow paths, promoted natural flood processes, and provided numerous water quality and ecological benefits to the local watershed.

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During Construction

Primary Service Area:
Neuse 02


Easement Acres:

Linear Feet of Stream:

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