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Monteith Park Mitigation Bank Spotlight

Prior to WLS, our CEO, Adam, helped to identify, obtain an easement, secure the investment, permit, design, and construct one of the most unique and successful mitigation banks in the southeastern United States. After forming WLS in 2014, WLS led landowner close out efforts, investment management, monitoring and maintenance of the bank.

The Monteith Park Mitigation Bank is in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina and represents one of the very few urban mitigation banks within the state.  Monteith Creek was listed as the top water quality concern for the Upper McDowell Watershed which feeds the drinking water supply reservoir for the City of Charlotte.   The project involved the restoration of 3,550 linear feet of stream, 1.1 acres of wetland, and installation of five Stormwater Control Devices (bioretention basins). WLS utilized stormwater control devices to provide water quality benefits including nutrient and TSS removal for the downstream watershed.  The stormwater devices generated additional mitigation credits as part of the comprehensive watershed restoration approach.

WLS staff identified the project and secure a conservation easement on property held by a Homeowners Association and then coordinated with the City of Charlotte to pair the restoration project with impacts occurring within the Charlotte ETJ. As part of public education and outreach, WLS developed an environmental education program and site amenities for Monteith Park residents. This program included the construction of Natural Surface Greenway Trail, gazebo, educational signage, and facilitated an “Environmental Education Day” for the local community.

This project is an example of a complex restoration project that involved technical, legal, political, and educational aspects of the mitigation industry. Monteith is a perfect example of how private/public partnerships benefit local communities by improving ecological functions in urbanizing watersheds.

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