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Tuesday, February 27, 2018


Local Start-Up Environmental Firm Again Recognized as Industry Leader and Innovator Selected to Present at Longest Running Industry Conference of Environmental Professionals in Texas

Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (February 27, 2018) – For over a quarter century, CLE International has worked to keep industry professionals abreast of current wetland issues throughout the state of Texas, by hosting the annual Texas Wetlands Conference. Each year, CLE has selected and worked with the industries’ top experts to present on a wide variety of wetland related topics from the bottomland hardwoods in Eastern Texas to the playa lakes in Western Texas. Adam V. McIntyre, CEO & Co-Founder of Water & Land Solutions (WLS), a small North Carolina based Environmental Firm, were among the twelve (12) industry experts chosen to speak at this year’s 28th Annual Texas Wetlands Conference being held in Austin, Texas from March 5 - 6, 2018. Pamela Fetterman, Founder & Principal Scientist of ecoGenesis, LLC, will be co-presenting with Adam. Adam and Pam have been working on the establishment of two (2) large wetland and stream mitigation banks, in the Houston area, over the past 3 years.    

Adam and Pam’s presentation, “HGM Models & Other Functional Assessment Methods”, is scheduled for Tuesday, March 6, 2018 at 1:30 pm (ET) at the 28th Annual Texas Wetlands Conference, being held at the Omni Hotel at Southpark in Austin, Texas March 5-6, 2018.

About CLE International:
CLE International has been a provider of continuing professional education programs throughout the United States and Canada since 1983. Its seminars, which focus on the cutting edge of emerging legal issues of vital importance to attorneys and their clients, real estate professionals, accountants, consultants and government agencies, have received wide acclaim from bench and bar for the high quality of its faculty (all of whom are recognized experts in their fields of specialty) and its efficient organization of detailed and useful information. CLE International is accredited by the bar associations of the many states where its programs are presented.

Each seminar is chaired by a carefully selected expert in the topic area presented. The presentations are richly supplemented with written materials, including the very latest in pending or passed legislation affecting practitioners or clients active in the topic area; graphics and charts; recent case law and regulations; and insights into enforcement priorities of involved regulatory agencies.

To learn more about CLE and this years' conference visit: http://www.cvent.com/.

About WLS:
Water & Land Solutions (WLS)
is a hybrid mitigation solutions and ecosystem restoration firm that incorporates expertise in compensatory mitigation, market analysis, environmental consulting, land management, and regulatory permitting. Our mitigation banking experience and specialized expertise ensures that investors and stakeholders will maximize credit yields and profits while complying with current environmental regulations. At WLS, our philosophy and guiding principles seek to maximize the financial and ecological value for each project. We employ the latest advancements in natural sciences, engineering, and construction practices to implement successful restoration projects.

To learn more about WLS visit: http://www.waterlandsolutions.com/.


Friday, February 23, 2018



Raleigh, North Carolina, USA (February 23, 2018) – Water & Land Solutions, LLC (WLS), today announced the hiring of Christopher M. Sheats as its’ Natural Resources Department Manager, Chris is an aquatic biologist and wetland scientist within the Environmental Industry, bringing over fifteen (15) years of field and project management experience to the WLS Family.  “As Manager of our newly formed Natural Resources Department, Chris will be responsible for building our Natural Resources Department and furthering our mission to improve environmental systems throughout the Southeast US”, said Adam V. McIntyre, CEO & Co-Founder of WLS.  “We are ecstatic to have Chris join the WLS family.  I’ve worked with and have been good friends with Chris for over 14 years.  He brings the ideal combination of outstanding technical skills and the ethical and moral traits that we desire in our team members”.

Chris spent the last 13 years as a Wetland Scientist & Aquatic Biologist for Three Oaks Engineering and The Catena Group,  where he honed his expertise in aquatic species surveys, wetland delineations, the development of NRTR’s, GIS, graphics mapping, EIS’s and EA’s, while working with all facets of state and federal municipalities and agencies.  Chris received his B.S in Botany, from NC State University and has an extensive background in leading natural resource investigations throughout all ecoregions of the Southeast, including jurisdictional wetland and stream delineations, wetland and stream mitigation and monitoring, threatened and endangered species surveys, natural systems assessments, benthic macroinvertebrate sampling, stream classifications, stream mitigation construction over-site and natural community classification. 

About WLS:

Water & Land Solutions (WLS) is a hybrid mitigation solutions and ecosystem restoration firm with expertise in compensatory mitigation, market research, environmental consulting, land resource planning, and regulatory permitting. Our specialized experience in mitigation banking and design ensures that investors and stakeholders will maximize credit yields and profits while minimizing risk and complying with current environmental regulations. At WLS, our business philosophy and guiding principles seek to improve the ecological value and financial performance for each project. We integrate the latest advancements and applied research in natural sciences, water resource engineering, and construction practices to implement meaningful and sustainable projects. 

To learn more about WLS visit: http://www.waterlandsolutions.com/