Ticks…What you need to know!

Facts about ticks that you should know to keep yourself protected.

  • Ticks Crawl Up
    • They do not fly, or jump, they crawl up.  They can also fall down from trees onto your head and back.  Ticks are programed to attach themselves around your ears and head because the skin is thinner in this area.
  • They Come In All Different Sizes
    • Ticks can be small, medium, or larger.  They hatch from eggs and grow through three stages.  First: larvae where they are the size of sand grains. Second: nymphs where they are the size of poppy seeds.  Third: Adults where they are the size of apple seeds. 
  • Ticks Are Active In The Winter!
    • Most people don’t know that adult stage deer ticks become active after the first frost!  Any day that the ground is not frozen or snow covered ticks are active.
  • They Carry Diseases…
    • Diseases that ticks carry are ever increasing.  Some diseases that are transmitted are Lymes disease bacteria, Babesia protozoa, Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, encephalitis causing virus, and Bartonella bacteria. 
    • For most tick borne disease you have at least 24 hours to remove the feeding tick before it transmits any diseases.
  • Only Deer Ticks Transmit Lyme Disease
    • If you do find a tick on your body, it is a smart idea to save the tick until you can identify it.  This could save you from going on unnecessary doctor’s visits.
  • Remove Ticks With Pointy Tweezers
    • Use very pointy tweezers to pull the tick out of your skin.  Get as close to your skin with the tweezers as possible before pulling it out (just like pulling out a splinter). Remember to save the tick until the type is identified!
  • Buy Clothing That Has Built-In Tick Repellent
    • An easy way to avoid tick bites is to wear clothing that has permethrin tick repellent built-in. Or you can buy the spray and pre-treat your clothes yourself.  You can also use repellent that contains 20-30% DEET.
Pictured above is a deer tick.  Photo from:  www.orkin.com

Pictured above is a deer tick.

Photo from: www.orkin.com