Happy Thanksgiving from WLS

We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

At WLS we are thankful for many things...Here's What We Are Thankful For In The ENVIRONMENT!


1. The shade of a tree in the summer heat

2. Rivers to kayak on

3. The Blue Ridge Mountain air


1. Trout fishing in the Blue Ridge Mountains

2. The sound of a Ruffed Grouse calling for a mate

3. Hardwood Forests


1. Brilliant winter sunrises and Topsail Island sunsets

2. Spring-time turkey gobbles thundering across a bottomland hardwood.

3. The privilege of watching a beaver pond “wake up” in the morning


1. Tundra swans landing on Lake Mattamuskeet during a cold winter morning

2. The roar of thundersnow followed by stillness of champagne powder

3. Drake hatch on the Fryingpan River


1. Sunrises at the Shuckstack in the Smokies

2. Summer storms rolling in over the ocean

3. The sound, smell, and feel of a newly restored ecosystem teeming with new wildlife


1. Local nature preserves that allow me to escape the city for a moment

2. Healthy watersheds that provide clean water and habitat for people and wildlife alike

3. To have been born in and to live in one of the most beautiful places on earth: the Piedmont ofNorth Carolina.