Our Arkansas Projects



lanxess constructed wetlands project
union county, arkansas

WLS performed construction oversight on two large constructed wetlands located in El Dorado, Arkansas. WLS wetland specialists were responsible for coordinating with the client, contractor and engineer to assure design plan conformance and overseeing the successful installation of the constructed wetlands which included site grading and earthwork, soil layer mixing and native species vegetation.

The constructed wetlands involved two primary settlement basins for the retention of excess sediment from surface water runoff. Discharges from each of the basins were piped to the adjacent constructed wetlands to sustain native species wetland vegetation. The constructed wetlands utilized filtration and bio-chemical processes to improve water quality. In addition to removing contaminants, stormwater runoff now flows through the wetland where particulate and dissolved constituents, including metals, are filtered within the permeable media layers which consist of topsoil, sand and gravel.